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Deconstructed Llamas of Evil

Evilness and Llamas:
what more do you want from a website?

Scribbletribe really enjoyed putting together our latest website for London based creative team ‘Evil Llama’. Not only do they have the coolest name ever, but are the guys responsible for some of the best music DVD and BluRays released in recent years including U2, Pink Floyd and Julian Lennon. (You might have heard of those guys – right?)

Time very much of the essence, Evil Llama were extremely keen to get the project up and running as fast as humanly possible, and we were naturally happy to pull out all the stops in creating a deceptively simple, bespoke website in just under 3 days.

Have a look at how we helped out.

Rachael Wilson Illustration

'Portraits' - pen on paper illustration by Rachael Wilson © 2013

Welcome to the Tribe: Rachael Wilson, Illustrator

Scribbletribe are delighted to welcome Rachael Wilson to the Tribe. We’re greatly looking forward to working with Rachael, and hope to be hiring her for her many talents on our upcoming projects.

Rachael, a freelance illustrator and designer based in the South-East, graduated from University College Falmouth with a BA (Hons) in Illustration. She describes herself as a ‘mostly cheerful character, who enjoys creating artwork to entertain and to inform, as well as just sketching her way through the day.’ Rachael enjoyed numerous volunteer roles in the arts and education and is currently teaching part-time alongside her freelance illustration and design work.
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You Can Design Australia

Free one-day community design project: 'You Can Design Australia'

Free community design project

Our Pro Bono work for this year has been well spent helping volunteer-led, free community design project ‘You Can Design Australia’. Out of work engineers, architects, planners and other design professionals, as well as recent graduates desperate for real-world experience could all benefit from this intensive one-day design charette.

Participants in the project are offered:

• Training for the unemployed.
• Valuable experience for undergraduates.
• Creation of innovative design.
• Networking between participants.
• Employment opportunities from supporting companies.
• A free lunch!
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Iran Photoshop Fighter

News of the discovery of Photoshop fakery used by the Iranian government is fascinating.

Iranian Photoshop: Make art not war

Iran, showed off it’s latest stealth fighter jet at a recent ceremony attended by top Iranian officials including President Mahmoud Admadinejad. Claims were made that the new fighter could evade radar, fly at low altitude and was weapons equipped.

Sharp-eyed Iranian bloggers were quick to spot that the ‘Qaher-313’ jet appeared in entirely the exact angle, position and with the same lighting as in the publicity shot of the official unveiling ceremony several weeks earlier.

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