Cheers! Kent Vineyards site launches

Union Jack Wine Cork

Kent Vineyards website showcases the very best of the 'Garden of England'

Scribbletribe are delighted to deliver an elegant and sleek site to Kent Vineyards – helping promote vineyards and wine-makers within the county. More used to being in the (rainy) shadow of their continental counterparts, English and British wines are steadily establishing themselves in national and international markets.

A one-time laughing stock, some English wines are now outperforming other long-established continental vineyards. Sparkling white wines are particularly strong, and with media and public interest at an all time high, it’s definitely a great idea to plan your own visit this summer.

You can have a look at how Scribbletribe helped design the site, or why not head straight over to Kent Vineyards and find your nearest vineyard.

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