Free community design project

You Can Design Australia

Free one-day community design project: 'You Can Design Australia'

Our Pro Bono work for this year has been well spent helping volunteer-led, free community design project ‘You Can Design Australia’. Out of work engineers, architects, planners and other design professionals, as well as recent graduates desperate for real-world experience could all benefit from this intensive one-day design charette.

Participants in the project are offered:

• Training for the unemployed.
• Valuable experience for undergraduates.
• Creation of innovative design.
• Networking between participants.
• Employment opportunities from supporting companies.
• A free lunch!

You can see how Scribbletribe built the website or visit the project organisers at You Can Design Australia to find out more information and register your interest for the project. You’ll have to hurry though as spaces are strictly limited and initial interest has been sky high!

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