You Can Design Australia

Free one-day community design project: 'You Can Design Australia'

Free community design project

Our Pro Bono work for this year has been well spent helping volunteer-led, free community design project ‘You Can Design Australia’. Out of work engineers, architects, planners and other design professionals, as well as recent graduates desperate for real-world experience could all benefit from this intensive one-day design charette.

Participants in the project are offered:

• Training for the unemployed.
• Valuable experience for undergraduates.
• Creation of innovative design.
• Networking between participants.
• Employment opportunities from supporting companies.
• A free lunch!
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Union Jack Wine Cork

Kent Vineyards website showcases the very best of the 'Garden of England'

Cheers! Kent Vineyards site launches

Scribbletribe are delighted to deliver an elegant and sleek site to Kent Vineyards – helping promote vineyards and wine-makers within the county. More used to being in the (rainy) shadow of their continental counterparts, English and British wines are steadily establishing themselves in national and international markets.

A one-time laughing stock, some English wines are now outperforming other long-established continental vineyards. Sparkling white wines are particularly strong, and with media and public interest at an all time high, it’s definitely a great idea to plan your own visit this summer.
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Scribbletribe completes Think Tank Awards for Prospect Magazine

Scribbletribe complete 'Think Tank Awards' website for 'Prospect Magazine

‘Think Tank Awards’ site for Prospect Magazine

Described by Radio 4 as the ‘Oscars of the Think Tank World’, we have been delighted to help Prospect with designing and building a new site which showcases the annual ‘Think Tank Awards’ held this year at the Royal Society. The site both highlights and celebrates the important and influential work done by Think Tanks across the globe.
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Iran Photoshop Fighter

News of the discovery of Photoshop fakery used by the Iranian government is fascinating.

Iranian Photoshop: Make art not war

Iran, showed off it’s latest stealth fighter jet at a recent ceremony attended by top Iranian officials including President Mahmoud Admadinejad. Claims were made that the new fighter could evade radar, fly at low altitude and was weapons equipped.

Sharp-eyed Iranian bloggers were quick to spot that the ‘Qaher-313’ jet appeared in entirely the exact angle, position and with the same lighting as in the publicity shot of the official unveiling ceremony several weeks earlier.

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Stay happy, be creative

Recent research suggests that happy people have a greater capacity for being creative.

Stay happy, be creative

The human brain has two main functions: one is for self-preservation; the other is for taking risks and exploring new territory. Today, danger takes different forms to that of our pre-historic ancestors, however, our brains are hardwired to respond in the same way. Stress hormones are released shutting off the blood flow to less vital organs, in turn mobilising the rapid bodily responses needed for fight or flight. This causes thoughts to become muddled and people experience what is called ‘neural static’.

In a positive and relaxed frame of mind, the brain can think clearly to connect ideas, a pre-requisite for creativity.

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Face to face at the Fruitworks

Scribbletribe take residence at the Fruitworks

Face to face at Fruitworks

Starting in early January 2013, we’ll be taking up residence at Kent’s Number 1 co-working space: Fruitworks. Based in a 2000 sq ft converted Victorian warehouse within a stone’s throw of the historic Canterbury Cathedral precinct, we can’t wait to meet all the guys and gals working out of there.

We’d heard great things about Fruitworks on the grapevine(!) and jumped at the opportunity to become members. We’re hoping to share our ideas and resources, meet new friends and possibly recruit members to the tribe!

E-mails and phone calls are quick and easy – but they won’t shake your hand or buy you a coffee.

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