Our Work

Blue Dragon Essentials

The Brief:

Rob Esser, a leading practioner and authority on Bio Superfoods and Bio Preparations asked for our help in creating an e-commerce site for his business ‘Blue Dragon Essentials’.

The Response:

We met with Rob and quickly gained a comprehensive understanding of his business. Clearly passionate about his product (and about life in general!) we were keen to make the Bio-preparations centre stage, with additional information for prospective buyers neatly and attractively laid out.

Blue Dragon Essentials Home Page:

Blue Dragon Essentials Home Page

We integrated a very simple and straightforward Paypal checkout to the site. This was deemed a very cost-effective and efficient way for Rob to run the site, as well as providing a great experience for customers. Product pages were concise and easily read. Additionally, we created custom fields for all pages so that Rob could easily update prices, photos etc without wading into the code.

Product Page:

Blue Dragon Checkout Page

No real surprise, we made the site fully responsive and looking gorgeous on mobile devices – as we do for all of our sites!

Fully Responsive:

Blue Dragon Essentials Fully Responsive

Communication has been excellent all the way through and the understanding of the needs both in design and functionality was obvious. I have enjoyed working with Phil and I am delighted with the results while clients have been impressed. It runs smoothly and effectively. Thank you Phil, it has been a delight. Well worth the very reasonable expense. Knowing that you are also hosting this site is so important; it gives me a tremendous sense of reassurance and confidence for the future.

Robert Esser – Owner of Blue Dragon Essentials