(Throw me a) Pro Bono

We’ll work for free…but only if you ask us nicely.

Once a year, we offer our services for free to anyone who can convince us that they’re in need of our help. We’ll give you the same standard of work and attention that all of our clients would rightly expect to receive. We’ll also pay for you to register a domain name and for the first year of hosting your site.*

What gives?

The only catch is that you’ll need to contact us and explain why you need our help. Perhaps you represent a charitable organisation, or maybe you’re an individual with a great idea to launch but without the financial resources to access great quality design work.

Contact us and see if we can help.

*Hosting will be charged at our standard rate after the end of free period. Domain renewal fees also apply at the end of the year; these are set by your Domain Registrar. Scribbletribe will retain the intellectual property rights of any artwork or code created for your site – at all times. Any work agreed to by Scribbletribe is not legally binding, and we will be under no obligation to complete the work. (However, we’re a pretty honest bunch who never like to let anyone down!)