Ready, steady, bake!

Hundred Percent Bread

No additives or adulterants, just 100% bread at the Canterbury Baking School

Baking has never been so popular as it is right now, and when approached by the Canterbury Baking School to build them a brand new website we were happy to ‘rise’ to the challenge!

Canterbury Baking School owner Vicky Feldman prides herself on providing a friendly, family-orientated and informative environment in which to learn how to bake. We took time to understand Vicky’s food philosophy and even had the chance to learn about the various grains and yeasts that she uses at the baking school.

We wanted to build a site that presented information in a clear, precise manner – but also importantly had a welcoming, friendly feel that represented Vicky’s own approach to business.

You can have a look at how we put the site together, or head straight over to the Canterbury Baking School to have a look at the finished product. Why not book your place on a baking workshop while you’re there; we’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

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