Stay happy, be creative

Stay happy, be creative

Recent research suggests that happy people have a greater capacity for being creative.

The human brain has two main functions: one is for self-preservation; the other is for taking risks and exploring new territory. Today, danger takes different forms to that of our pre-historic ancestors, however, our brains are hardwired to respond in the same way. Stress hormones are released shutting off the blood flow to less vital organs, in turn mobilising the rapid bodily responses needed for fight or flight. This causes thoughts to become muddled and people experience what is called ‘neural static’.

In a positive and relaxed frame of mind, the brain can think clearly to connect ideas, a pre-requisite for creativity.

Creative thoughts are frequently preceded by leaps of inspiration – ideas which seem to spring from nowhere. ‘Light bulb’ moments occur when the brain relaxes, allowing ideas which have been processing at the back of the mind to surface like bubbles. A happy outlook allows intuitive methods of thinking to occur which is why it is often said to be beneficial to ‘sleep on a problem’.

Happy thoughts alone are not enough to enable creativity, however, when a person is happy they feel confident, secure and capable enough to take risks. Risk taking is an essential component in the pursuit of innovation. People exploring new ideas must be willing to risk failure in order to avoid repeating boring solutions which produce safe results.

Go on – be a dare devil!

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One comment on “Stay happy, be creative

  1. Nice uplifting article that i want to reference in an upcoming blog on sustainability. However, do you have further views on how people will overcome the failures that will undoubtedly arise and prevent themselves from slumping back into the box of unhappy uncreative living? Personally I just look in the mirror and give myself a wink. Respeck to your maximum

    Comment by Ben Crompton on February 15th, 2013

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